Virtual online event for the kitchen autumn / kitchen mile with new features for even better networking is the comprehensive virtual trade fair platform for the kitchen industry, which went live for the first time in 2020. What started out as a Corona-related alternative to a total event lockdown has now become not only an accepted, but also a popular digital format for presentation, communication and networking among specialists and executives in the 'kitchen' industry segment. Two days before the official start of the leading B2B event area30 in the context of the kitchen mile A30, the portal is now going online for the third time for a period of several weeks.

Thanks to worldwide access 24/7 and therefore a large reach, thanks to the greater design options in virtual space and thanks to the longer duration of presentation, has already been well established since 2020.

Since is available before, during and after the face-to-face trade fair, exhibition visitors can get an initial impression of the presentations and plan their visits before they travel to East Westphalia. And during the area30 order trade fair, visits are optimised or further contacts are scheduled via smartphone, for example.

After the end of the trade fair, helps to close any memory gaps, call up detailed information or show the trade fair innovations to colleagues who remain in the company. In this way, anyone who is interested can be a part of the kitchen autumn and part of the area30 trade fair - and this is exactly how digital networking works.

Thanks to its versatile functions, the online format is not just a visualisation of lists, images, texts or videos. In addition, all visitors can discover theme worlds, products, brands and concepts in a completely new way. The intuitive search functions are an important tool here. They create expanded possibilities and new experiences that are hardly feasible live or only with great additional effort. also helps to forget the “loneliness” that has often been felt in front of a laptop, pad or PC when visiting the trade fair in the virtual space. As at face-to-face events, every trade fair visitor can see at a glance who is accompanying them on their (virtual) tour. Contacts can also be made with colleagues, other trade visitors or exhibitors with just a few clicks. Because every trade fair - whether virtual or live - is not just a "exhibition" for the best ideas and solutions for good business, but always a wonderful opportunity for a trusting exchange of opinions.